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Learn more about building standards based applications on the Plumtree Enterprise Web

The Plumtree Enterprise Web solution features an architecture based completely on Internet protocols, with industry-standard portlets and a wide range of Web services used to integrate application components, content, security information and user profiles. Our developer kits are designed to support Java and .NET development of these portlets and Web services equally well. The Plumtree JSR 168 Container for deploying JSR 168 portlets on the Plumtree Enterprise Web is available here

Learn more about BEA WebLogic Portal 8.1™

In an ideal world, every portal you build would be built quickly and customized precisely to its audience. Now BEA WebLogic Portal simplifies the production and management of custom-fit portals to let you deliver business value rapidly and cost effectively.

The Portal JSR 168 Development Kit needed to deploy JSR 168 portlets on Portal 8.1 is available.

Learn more about Documentum’s Developer Program Component Exchange.

Visit the component exchange program on Documentum's CustomerNet!Here you'll find a large and rapidly growing number of pluggable components that can extend the functionality of WebTop or Documentum Desktop, or can be called from you own custom application. Do your requirements call for autonaming documents, deep exporting a folder hierarchy, or implementing a "soft" delete using a recycle bin? You'll find them all and much more on the Component Exchange. You'll also find articles, best practices and other material to help you on your way to component-based development.

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