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Open source site committed to helping customers learn from their industry peers and share best practices for developing standards-based portlets

Welcome to POST

Plumtree, Documentum, BEA Systems and SUN Microsystems are working together to support the freedom to build standards-based application components that can be assembled within any portal. The POST site provides a forum for portlet development by taking advantage of the new JSR 168 and WSRP portal standards.

POST aims to help companies kickstart their portal deployments, leading to faster time to value for all portal customers by providing open source portlets and a forum to exchange and learn about how these emerging new standards.

Separate areas within POST exist for sharing JSR-168 and WSRP portlets. As with any open-source site on, any registered organization can contribute portlets to POST, which become available to all other members of the open-source community. Using POST, participants can:

  • see lists of newly available portlets;
  • post requests to the community for the development of new portlets;
  • search for portlets;
  • upload new portlets;
  • download available portlets;
  • submit modified or enhanced versions of downloaded portlets; and
  • discuss portlet development best practices, issues and solutions.

In this way, organizations that submit portlets to the site benefit from enhancements to their portlets developed by other POST members.

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